Elaborated to rescue the curls in hair
which have been smoothed or are undefined.
Formulated with Thioglycolic Acids,
the Curl Lotion acts on p.H between 6 and 7,
close to the neutral, thus, one less action
aggressive to the wires.
Promotes changes in the internal structure
of the wires
acting on the sulfur (sulfide) bonds,
reorganizing these chains and giving a new
to the hair.
With soft formulation, it ensures more safety
and compatibility with other chemicals.


Activating cream based on Ammonium Thioglycollate that breaks the inner wires, giving the hair a natural and durable smooth effect. Formulated with highly nutritive assets that guarantee resistance to alkaline pH, protecting internal hydration and preserving Hydrogen bridges attacked during chemical processes.

Especially developed to carry out processes of alteration of the capillary structure, whether for curly, curly or smooth hair.


Wash hair with Shampoo, rinse and remove excess moisture with a towel.


After performing the wicks test, start the application of the Wave Lotion by the neck, respecting 0.5cm from the root during the application process. Leave half the pause time established in the wick test counting from the beginning of the application (usually 25 to 40 minutes). Wrap wick to wick using chosen accessory (curlers, rollers) throughout the hair. Leave the other half of the break time set in the wick test (plus 25 to 35 minutes). Thoroughly rinse the hair still wrapped around the accessories.


Dilute the Neutralizer Fix with a little water in order to apply the product with the sprayer. Spray the Neutralizer Fix on all hair dampening each wick wrapped around the attachment. Leave on for 10 minutes, do not rinse. After the pause, release all the accessories leaving the locks loose. Apply Neutralizer Fix again (this time undiluted in water) to all wicks using a brush; let it act on the hair for another 10 minutes modeling the curls manually, still with the Neutralizer Fix. Rinse with plenty of warm water until the product is completely removed. Remove excess water with a towel.


To finish, apply the Leave-in Curly and model the curls with the help of a diffuser dryer. After the procedure, do not wash or clip your hair in the next 72 hours.

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